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How to figure out your mission.

You don't need me to tell you that the blogging industry has changed dramatically. YouTubers are higher regarded than celebrities. Marketeers will be turning to influencers even more in 2018. The issue I have with this however, is that there is no authenticity in this. And, it overshadows from those who create personal brands for their creative passion and/or to make a difference to others.

Which is why I stopped referring to my content by a niche. I am not a travel blogger, although I don't remember a time when I didn't love it. I am not a lifestyle blogger, but I of course have a lifestyle.

After four and a half years in and out of the game. A game I just couldn't leave. I've got it. I write because I want to contribute. I blog because I want to find some meaningful. I create because I want to explore.

This is where my mission comes in.

I mention it a fair bit. My mission. I mention it often because it is what keeps me going. Gets me up in the morning. It is my outcome from blogging and content creating. And I honestly do not believe that a content creator/influencer can survive anymore without one.

My mission is to inspire people to live their dreams.

This is how you can figure out your mission (you may want something to note these things down):

1. What matters to you most in life? Think about your hobbies, your loves, your people in your life. Key things for me are: writing, living well and travel. Friends, family and community.

2. Think about your legacy. How do you want to make a difference in the world? When I say "world" this can be simply within your community, because that is your world. Personally, I want to be an example of what is possible despite circumstances and past experiences, and I always wanted to create an impact further afield than my hometown. We are all different, and it is all just as effective!

3.What can you offer to others? Do you have any talents or skills that you could add value to others? I thought about my personality strengths as well as qualifications and skills I have built up.

4.Think of the emotional impression you want to leave the other person with. The feeling you want to leave them with. This is a key part of a mission that a niche does not quite offer. We are beings that run on emotion, and as such it is a fantastic thing to work with! Personally my key word was to inspire.

5.Construct this into one sentence. A declaration. It must light you up so that when you are having an off day, it will set you back on track. Keep it simple. Mine needed a couple of revisions from the likes of "to inspire men and women to fulfil their dreams and wishes".

Now I highly recommend using this next time you network or someone asks about your personal brand.

My introduction has gone from "My name is Han Talbot and I am a lifestyle blogger" to "My name is Han Talbot and I am a London lifestyle blogger" to finally sit at "My name is Han Talbot and I am a London lifestyle blogger inspiring others to live their dreams."

You resonated strongest with the final one, right? It explains more or less exactly what I am about. And this line creates questions for the other person to ask about you.

So give it a go! And let me know how you got on!

Note: your mission cannot be to find your mission. As all you will be doing your entire life is searching, which sounds painful. You know what your mission is, and it is perfectly ok if it evolves or changes at any given point as you figure out what drives you.

Also, a mission to figure out what the purpose of life is, is not allowed. The purpose of life is whatever you choose it to be.

Have fun, and keep growing!

Han x