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Han Meets The Dream

So, I have a little secret.

In June 2016, I was finishing off my first job out of university, and was thinking about my next steps. Six months beforehand, my team had had training on thinking of our five year plan. I was headed straight into an internship after that job. I wasn't panicking.

Had I hoped to know what I wanted to do by then? Well, duh. Growing up in a society that is asking you from the age of six to pick what you want to do. To know your path inch by inch by the time you leave school. Or growing up with my Gramps. Who would freak out if I couldn't give him a solid answer at 14 or 23. There used to be a couple of occasions where I would make things up just to ease his mind.

I half wish I hadn't been so hasty to throw away my five year plan map. Because I remember putting that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and the owner of my own company. To travel and work. To be a girl boss. (But I can't remember the dots that connected them! Gah!).

Either way, I was sat in one of the university cafes in July 2016, doing some work. Thinking about what I was going to do next. And all I could think about was this idea of becoming an entrepreneur. But I also wanted to write. I've always wanted to write. I filled up so many notebooks as a child.

I did some research on "the next steps" to becoming an entrepreneur. But there was nothing to read. It was all people who had 'made it' or were at least twenty years older than me. Not so relatable.

In that moment I decided - and to quote Emma Watson - "if not me, then who?" I will write about my path to entrepreneurship. I don't know what it looks like. But does anyone when they begin?

With that one thought, began other thoughts. Like, how did I wish my life looked?

I live in London with access, connections and resources to make a business happen. I have complete financial and mental freedom to fully create a business and a legacy. To contribute to society and add value. To inspire others to live their dreams. If I can do it, you can too.

January 2018: I did it.

February 2018: I am sat in Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch. A favourite haunt of mine to write and create. It has one of those vibes. It's just slightly off-beat from the rest of London.

I went out for dinner this week in Soho and didn't worry about it. I got a manicure at work and a haircut in the same week. Just because I can. I booked flights to go to Spain and Paris.

After a year and a half of hustle, tenacity and belief, I have made the dream happen.

I live in central London, a city of major access and connections. I work in a job I not only enjoy but also gives me financial freedom and the resources to pursue the creative value I want to give. I am at total mental and physical ease.

I used to wake up in the morning with so many limiting beliefs. I don't have time. I don't have money. I'm not fabulous enough. I can't get stuck in now when I have x, y and z to do.

This morning I eased myself into the day with beautiful, inspiring books. A cup of coffee in one hand. Looking around my room, I realised I was sat in the true dream I had wanted for myself all along.

So now what?

We're very driven by end goals are we not?

Once I have x, I will be happy. Once I've done y, I'll rest and see friends again.

A couple of people have told me to stop and just simply enjoy what I have for a little bit before I dive into the next goal. To enjoy the journey.

And that's when I got ill. As my body relaxed into the realisation of security again, I ended up sick. Obvs. Because I needed some actual sleep. There's only so long you can go on adrenaline.

The first couple of weeks of my new job, I learned, and I went home to rest. For once I kept my routine simple. Human.

I don't know about you though, but after two days solid of flu-y sleep and looking at the same four walls. Unable to move. I got bored and genuinely missed being creative.

It was confusing. Going from working 8am-9pm Monday-Friday to being able to leave work at work after 5:30pm. Going home and being able to do whatever I actually wanted to do with my own time. I no longer have to spend it looking for more work/doing extra work.

I can watch Netflix. Go for fancy dinners. Sleep.

The thing is though, once you know what you are truly capable of however. The idea of doing nothing with your spare time feels simply farfetched. When you know how effectively you can spend your time. It seems silly to waste it. Life is too short and all that. Why not make it count!?

So basically, where my goal was work towards the job of my dreams in the industry of my dreams. Tick! Live in London. Tick! I am now working towards entrepreneurship. Real entrepreneurship. The I am creating a business and giving back kind of entrepreneurship. Not just calling myself a founder of a one-off movement - even though it provided me with an idea of what I wanted to offer people.

I will still be living in London, but I want to look wider. South America to be specific. You may have noticed I have a small obsession.

I want to see what I am really capable of when it comes to pushing boundaries. How far can a human really go.

Let's play!

Han x