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Han Meets Goals

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Have you ever wanted to change your life? Never had any motivation? Not got a lot of money to splash? Neither have I – not until now anyway.

Last Thursday I was scanning Eventbrite when I came across Fit & Flourish’ “Transformation Seminar” in collaboration with Aveda. It was three hours until the event and apparently I scored the last place available on the 10 people seminar.

I’d spent the day walking from each place and if you’ve never done it, I highly recommend you do it! You think you’ve seen London? You haven’t seen London until you’ve spent more time above ground and out of the office.

I got to the Covent Garden Aveda branch, excited. What was I going to uncover?

We began with some prosecco and nibbles before listening to a man called Scott talk about the Aveda brand, its history and its origins as well as how it gears towards us as people. Instead of testing the skin or looking at our complexions, we filled in a form about ourselves. Which then determined the most appropriate skincare for us.

I couldn’t believe how accurate it was! I spoke to him afterwards and it was like he could read my mind!

He told me he could see a mixture of ‘fire’ energy in my eyes and ‘water’ energy in how I generally hold myself. But right now the fire energy was out of balance, and he recommended alongside an Aveda serum that I cut out caffeine, alcohol, bread, cheese and spice from my diet for a bit. So basically all the things I had been surviving on recently. I laughed. But it made total sense. I was consuming everything that gave me mad surges of energy in order to keep up with myself and the life I am creating for myself right now. And while it helped get stuff done, it wasn’t helping my wellbeing or my stress levels.

That evening happened to be exactly what I needed at that point. I’d been expecting to have a breakdown during my first week, but the beauty of letting it happen in this session was that it gave me food for thought, and I walked away with a productive solution

I finally began to shift my mentality, and make small steps to obtain my personal goals. No holding back!

For example, I really want to start a business, but I’d been letting excuses – and the little voice in the back of my brain – get in the way.

Sam (Fit & Flourish) would not let us give into it. After Scott - and goodie boxes - she carried out her own session. She was firm, strong and encouraging. It was like a small portion of Landmark session, but refreshing to hear it outside of their walls.

I won’t tell you what she got us to do because that would ruin it for you, but I’m finally addressing where I’m making excuses and making steps towards that dream of running a business.

It doesn’t matter that I look like I’m doing a lot, because as long as I’m moving forward, the long hours and the aggravation are worth it.

A powerful and extraordinary life does not come from dreams alone and requires work. And they definitely don’t happen overnight either! (Which is something I have to keep reminding myself when I want to give up).

I’ve been travelling back for work to Southampton, and it made me realise I’m moving in the right direction. It’s useful to feel that, and while I have some fears and doubts, I can see where I’m beginning to really make my life my own.

Alongside the project/goal-oriented dreams, I am also committed that I be a source of inspiration to you and your life. I want to inspire you to believe that you can have it all with a little effort. If I can do it, you can too!

For a skin care brand that goes deeper than the surface of your skin, I highly recommend you check out your nearest Aveda shop or go to the website.

Since I started using the serum, and listening to the advice they gave me for my lifestyle, I’ve been much more conscious of what I choose for myself, and happier for it!

Sure in the 5am starts I’ve slipped, but it would be silly to cut absolutely everything out from day one. Baby steps. However even applying the serum overnight and leaving it until the morning has cleared my skin up incredibly!

Next is to book my free facial! (Which I half wrote so you could get excited but also wrote to remind myself to book it…).

If you had one goal you wanted to achieve in the next week/month/six months/year, what would it be?

Would it be switching up or progressing in your career? Improving your health? Or maybe finding a relationship?

Whatever it is, it’s yours right now! And when I say that I mean: the next step towards that goal is yours right now!

You got this!

Han x