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From TalbStar to Han Meets World

I don't know how long you've been following me, but you may know that Han Meets World is not my first break into the blogging/social media world. It all started in 2013 when my Grandad bought me an iPad Mini so I could easily keep in touch with my family on my year abroad (a compulsory year you have to take in a Languages degree).

I had never considered myself a tech-y person, if anything I shied away from it. But with an iPad to my name I gave into creating a Twitter and Snapchat profile - which seemed to be a thing that British hipsters had at the time.

I wanted to create a unique name that meant I was never confused with other people so I toyed with different versions of my full name and things I like. I finally settled upon a mix of my middle and last name out of which TalbStar was created.

This added to my reputation for taking photos and videos and it caught the eye of my Italian lecturer who asked me to document our trip to Jesi, Italy in Easter 2013.

During our second year of uni we took Year Abroad project preparation seminars and one of the lecturers recommended we document what we could of the year abroad as a nice memory to reflect on. She suggested writing a blog, taking pictures and filming videos.

At the time I thought videos was a pointless idea. Who was going to watch them!?

However later in May 2013 - when I should have been revising for exams - I created my first set of videos for Youtube. The Brazil and the Nut blog was also born on Weebly.

With some year abroad videos and blog posts already under my belt, I successfully applied for a grant that meant I had a purpose for continuing them every week.

I wrote a couple of blog posts, including my thoughts on the World Cup 2014, using Blogspot. I also documented my trip to Cancún, a Glamour magazine event and my second trip to Paris. But Blogger didn't quite fit the bill for me.

For my Sabbatical Officer campaign, I revived the use of my Youtube channel and began another blog on Weebly. Having tried one on Wix and not liked it. My Hannah Time parody of Hammer Time currently sits at 746 views alone.

As a Sabbatical Officer we wrote blogs for the Students' Union and utilised Snapchat as a pseudo-vlog option.

Having finished my year as Vice-President Engagement I now want to document my next chapter: Life.

TalbStar no longer fitted and was tougher to explain. It was a reminder of my uni days. I wanted a name that said a bit more than your average username and encompassed what I enjoy exploring. A step away from scrappy youth to wannabe young professional, aha!

Han Meets World is about adventures and the many forms they come in. It speaks of who I am - if I sound a bit Game of Thrones-y, it's because I have an episode on in the background.

Han Meets World is not simply about travel. I want to use it talk about life as a millennial digital nomading through life. Meeting the world! Just navigate the page tabs to find out in what way. I'm excited to share this with you and maybe you'll take some inspiration of your own.

Let's chat! Find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

On to the next chapter!

Han x

*I call it Macaron Chic.