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5 ways to live well on the road.

With a name like Han Meets "World", you can of course gage that I enjoy travel - and do a lot of it on different scales. From living in South America for a year, to day trips to other UK cities for work. The road is most definitely a second home for me. This year alone there was even a couple of months where I was spending time in at least two-three cities a week. It is my happy place.

But with a busy and fast schedule like this, it can be tough to keep on of certain things. Waking up early, going to bed late, in pressurised cabins and under air con for hours at a time. From station to office to station to event, when you maybe should be taking time for lunch or time to wind down. Staying well on the road is not always easy. Living in London can be the worst for this as well, as there are so many Prets, Sainsbury's Locals and other food stops on every corner... 

However, there are some hacks to staying well on the road that can work around your schedule and budget.

1. Plan your food shop and plan it into your schedule (and actually do it).It sounds like a lot of effort, but there is always time for a food shop. My best was definitely shopping at 10pm on a Monday, after being up since 5am to do a round day trip to Birmingham for work. I nearly flopped on the walk home... But it happened. 

2. Invest in tupperware or some other containers."Oh but I can't take granola in with me because I have nothing to put it in! I'll just pop to Pret on the way to work." No! All of the £3-5 on Prets at breakfast and lunch add up, not only financially but also calories. 

So yes, while the tops of tupperware always seem to go missing, they are a worthwhile investment in the long run. Forget the comments, forget the "effort" it takes to put aside a shocking five extra minutes a morning to put together a breakfast on the go. Not only will you feel at ease mentally but your gut will also thank you later as well.

3. Invest in good skincare. I stick by all natural, simple-ingredient products. Not only do I feel consciously better, but my skin also looks and feels muchbetter. When you are sat in air-conditioned lounges and cabins, waking up at 5am and wiping away your make-up at midnight. Going from the city to the beach to airports and stations, your skin needs some tender loving care. And it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.

My go-to's are Simple moisturiser, Urban Decay cosmetics and the occasional 7th Heaven facial and foot masks. Yep! You're on your feet today, you need to look after your footsies!

By looking after your skin, not only do you stop skin damage, but also feel more confident in said skin when you are meeting clients and friends.

4. Find alternative ways to exercise. I did some work for a PT a couple of years ago and I asked if there were any exercises I could do on the go. So she gave me a couple of moves I could do on the tube for my arms but I then also worked a way that I could also be strengthening my lower back and shoulders as well. 

Some people like running, others like to buy a one day pass for a gym. Me? I can't run so I am very into yoga and pilates where possible. Keeping your cardio up is tough but just as important to get the stress out and work the endorphins.

5. Want to stay well for yourself. I left this one until last because none of the above works unless you really truly want to stay well on the road. And either way is fine! I am not going to tell you that you should be doing exercise and eating well. But think about why your health matters. Do you do it for your mind? So you can feel mentally confident walking into your meeting on the road. For example.

I do it so I can think clearly and stay motivated. I know that if I miss any exercise that my mind becomes cluttered, slow and anxious. I know that when I eat well and make time for some yoga, I walk taller and am much more efficient. 

I want a long career and to be strong in everything that I do. 

Have I missed anything? How do you stay well on the road?

Han x