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5 things I learned from Leigh Ashton

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

I've mentioned this before, but as a leader - in whatever context, manager, entrepreneur or natural leading individual of things - in order to stay on top, be successful and fulfilled: is always learning. As co-founder of Sasudi, Leigh Ashton, put it: "as soon as you start believing even for a second that you know it all, you lose it."

I've wanted to check out (Google) Campus London for a long time now and have been signed up to their mailing list for just over half a year. Finally 'the stars aligned' - or rather my calendar clicked and my curiousity piqued and I made it up here!

With a job that now allows me to work wherever - more or less - I like, I just had to start checking out some of the awesome hangouts inhabited by entrepreneurs and digital nomads in London.

And what better introduction to the place than a talk on 'Making Sales Easy'. For me, I was simply curious to hear about different approaches to sales - if there were any - and get a bit more of an insight from experts.

The teachings and practices belong to Sasudi so I will make the learnings brief and to the point, but elaborate where it resonated with me. Check out the hyperlinks for more information on them.

Five things I learned from Leigh Ashton:

Be ambitious, not unrealistic and planning is crucial. Think bigger rather than smaller so you definitely reach 'the smaller', but don't commit to something you know you won't achieve - because that will make you feel terrible about yourself. Unless you have a well thought out plan. A muscle I definitely need to exercise a tiny bit more along with the self-discipline... While I don't have any sales figures, I have definitely have thought about where I want to be in a year's time. Now just to document said plan...Who is your community? Do you surround yourself with positive influences or negative ones. One guess which one you should be focusing on - if you really want to go far with your work/dream/career/life, you fill the gap. That's one thing that I'm looking at the moment. Who accepts the authentic and happy Han.Thoughts create your feelings that create action that you take (T -> F -> A = R). I'd never heard of this concept in this formula before but I definitely agree that the action you take is a reflection of the action you take with something. You love something you create incredible results - when you commit to action - you dislike something, you get smaller results if any. And this comes from the way you look at yourself. What do you believe about yourself? What about you in sales?Finding data you can measure. What are the trends, your KPIs? How do you keep up your relationship with your customers? I'll leave this up to you.How will you help others/solve their problems? What would I do differently to make change? Knowledge is power as long as it is put into action.

The last two I left as open questions because they are different for everyone but for me they're helpful ones to have on record.

Normally I wouldn't be sold at these talks however I have a soft spot for companies with a new-age thinking, holistic approach to start-ups and so I'm definitely going to check out the site. Because learning!

While the focuses are different, I could make a few links with the teachings I'm getting from the Self-Expression & Leadership Landmark course as well as a couple of other books I've read in the past such as 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.

Thank you Leigh and Jonathan for an enjoyable and insightful talk!

What approach do you take to sales?

Han x