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5 Hollywood spots at home.

You voted on Instagram and here it is: a Christmas Eve post!

When I’m looking for good spots to take photos for Instagram, I’m normally scrolling through European cities. Berlin, Oslo, Barcelona. But one thing I never really considered was the ‘grammable spots right on my doorstep. Sure, London is technically home, however I’m sure we can agree that it’s almost too easy as one of the top spots to travel to for the ‘gram.

So coming back to Surrey for Christmas it hit me: I’ve known these locations for over ten years, why have I never taken any shots of ‘The Holiday’ film locations near me?!

A quaint little village in Surrey, I have been in and out of Shere for most of my life. We used to feed the ducks on the stream, my first job was in the little tearoom, ‘The Holiday’ film was shot there!

Aside from a couple of random scenes in Godalming high street, a lot of the UK shots are taken in tiny little Shere, such as:

The walk to the cottage.

Diaz is dropped outside Shere church (1) and left to drag her ‘case to the cottage as the driver at that point cannot get the car down the lane. However, when Diaz starts walking, she actually ends up somehow the other side of the village and walking in a completely different direction (2).

The White Horse (3)

Law invites Diaz to have drinks with him and a couple of friends. Will she go? Law walks into The White Horse pub, walks towards the bar completely missing both his friends and Diaz due to the Saturday night crowds. First he spots his friends (that are actually right next to the door he just came in from) so he takes a seat. Then, just as he sits and looks around again in the same direction and slowly, the crowd parts to reveal (gasp!) Diaz next to the fire that is also next to the bar - because it’s really not that big a pub…

The bridge by the ford (4).

I mean, I suppose I would be running pretty quickly too if the love of my life looked like Jude Law. However to get up the hill that the set was located on, Diaz should actually have been running the other way (the way I’m facing below).

The small country lane (5).

Welcome to Surrey, Diaz! Where yes, we drive on the wrong side of the road and for a much shorter time than the green screen suggests because that road actually ends up in, yes, Shere and not Godalming high street where the car magically appears to knock a couple of people over.

And there are actually a few more. But I’ll leave you with just these five this side of Christmas.

Have a lovely Christmas!

Han x