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3 ways to ready your life for January.

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

January has become a month of misery for people. Guilty from the so called overindulgence, for some reason many dread the first month of the calendar year. As if human beings didn't like to torture or sabotage themselves enough, January has now been dubbed a boring month as society punishes itself by not doing fun things 'to save money' or eat less/stop drinking/go to the gym to 'get healthier'. When actually, January is a very big opportunity.

Rather than going into the new year with a grey cloud over your head, why not take on a couple of these things to begin 2018 fresh and clear-headed?

Here are five ways for you to prepare for the new year in an empowering way:

1. Sort your life out.

*Clear out your wardrobe of clothes that don't fit or you haven't touched in a year. Take the clothes to a charity shop or sell them. It is never a nice feeling to look at things you can no longer wear or wish you could. Holding on to things 'for sentimental value' or 'the memories' won't work either: get rid of it!

*Clear out your house. I'm talking bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, attic and even the garden. Create your space as welcoming, peaceful and comfortable. A space of inspiration.

2. Digital declutter. Complete or delete.

*Emails: leave nothing in your inbox unless it's an Eventbrite ticket for an event or travel ticket. Read all of the 'I'll read that laters'. Answer all unresponded correspondence and confirm those appointments. If you want to be efficient, then put out those enquiry emails about PT sessions/creative classes/events.

*Social media declutter. Pretty self-explanatory. If you don't use the account, delete it. Even those digital projects you created separate handles for: delete them unless you seriously need them for your portfolio. The less unnecessary notifications you have coming in the better. Similarly, those people from school or university that you haven't spoken to since graduation: unfriend or unfollow because you do not need that comparisonitis feeling. They are on their path, you are on yours. Likewise, if there are accounts you follow for inspiration that no longer inspire you, then unfollow them and find new inspiration.

*Finish those projects or bury them. Similar to the last point, either edit those videos or blog posts and publish them, or delete them and be done with them. You do not need past projects left undone and weighing over you, stopping you moving forward. Personally, I have turned my old videos into a 'Han Meets World Rewind' that I will be releasing each day this week.

3. Take action.

*Buy a notepad/diary, write down the things you want to achieve, and begin. Break them down where necessary and write them into specific days so you feel less overwhelmed. Schedule that content. Send that reply. Keep moving. If you need it, keep your favourite motivational affirmations close or remember your mission.

Then what?

Complete all of this by January 31st, and you can begin your 2018 with a clear head!

Clear and ready to take on something big.

How did you get on?

Han x