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10 things to do in 10 hours in Copenhagen

About a month ago, I watched an old YouTube video of Alfie Deyes and Steve Booker doing the 24 hour travel challenge. They went from London to Paris to Stockholm. And it got me thinking: where could I go in 24 hours that wouldn’t take up my annual leave or my bank balance? And that’s when my cursor came across Copenhagen. Denmark had never really been a big one on my list but all of a sudden I found myself hooked on the idea of taking a trip there. It just so happened that flights were cheaper returning the same day and the exhilaration I felt confirming those tickets was a sign it was the right move for me. That whole day I was SO excited!

Overall I only told a handful of people about the trip. Of course the response was the usual “what! A day! That’s crazy!” Is it though!?

In total I spent 22 hours awake. Up at 3:30am and in bed just before 1:30am. I took two coaches, two planes and two trains. Arriving at midday and taking off at 10pm. If you really think that’s not enough time, here are ten things I did in the ten hoursi spent in Copenhagen:

1. I took the train from the airport to central station - it's quicker and more scenic. Even the train station is pretty.

2. Wandered through the Nygade - and stopped in a couple of the shops.

3. Drank coffee at a roof top bar called Original Coffee - where my camera fried in the sun. Oops.

4. Accidentally stumbled upon the Christiansborg Palace - it's rather impressive.

5. Sat on the Havnebussen side of the canal with my feet dangling off the edge with the locals and then dodged the crowds at the better-known Nyhavn canal.

6. Walked/half-marched along the water front, passing the opera house and the Amalienborg Palace.

7. Took a selfie with the Little Mermaid statue - along with many other tourists.

8. Ate a Kanelsnegel pastry with a coffee from one of the many Espresso Houses in the area - and sat outside in one of the comfy chairs.

9. Discussed sustainability and conscious living with locals - apparently things aren't as forward in Denmark as it is made out to be abroad...

10. Sampled a Joe and the Juice - I have a soft spot for start-ups, k!? I'm slightly jealous that Joe and the Juice is to Copenhagen, what Pret is to London. You step into one and can see the next down the street...!

All in all, I got a lot in! In fact I didn’t need to rush some of it. There were actually three things I would have had time for if I had planned a little better:

1. Hired a bike - it seemed more normal than walking...

2. Eaten a smorgasbord - like an open sandwich.

3. Tried Glögg - a mulled wine.

Would you consider it?

Han x

*I was clearly very impressed by The Little Mermaid...