Life in London: two years later

So I turned around and August 2016 suddenly became August 2018! It feels like yesterday and ten years ago all at once to be completely honest.

On one hand it feels like yesterday I decided to take my first huge London leap - to actually move here - and then longer because of how much has fit into two years alone! House moves, job leaps, trips and all the funsies in between... It has been quite the ride of a two years.

Having a little sneaky peak back at some of my old blog posts brought a little smile to my face. Reflecting on where my writing was then, when I made the choice to London two years ago and the things I got over in order to get where I am now is really heart warming. Things that, looking back on it now, seem tiny by comparison but I remember being so huge at the time.

And then again, reflecting on what it took to get myself from the scared space I was in a year ago, to a place of confidence today.

This time last year I had just thrown myself into Marketing Manager-dom and I don't really remember much more than WeWork meetings/Canva/travelling to Oxford/Facebook/Squarespace. I had freshly broken up with someone, I had an annoying-ass housemate to contend with and just enough money to get by between jobs. 

I had a choice: let my circumstances get the best of me and chicken out or buck the fuck up and get on with it.

Using all the excess emotional energy - honestly, every time I thought of the guy or that annoying housemate, I used the energy on whatever task was at hand - I didn't really surface again until October. A brief Ibiza interlude after the successful launch of the business I was marketing at the time and then it was into the business as usual transition.

Looking back on who I was a year ago, I would have blown over like a leaf if a gust of wind came along.

A year ago I still felt like I needed someone to hold my hand whenever things got a little scary. However, the truth of the matter is: you can't have someone continually there in every situation!

You can ask for help, sure! At the end of the day though, only you can get yourself through a situation. Whether a work task, a break up, making a sandwich or a move.

Seven months later and I was sat in an interview for a team who, most of, had a degree in the job they actually did. 

Seven months later I have never felt more confident in myself. Spotting the fear and tackling it head on until it no longer bothers me.

Back then I was asked what my biggest achievement is and I replied that I couldn't pick between Han Meets World and the place I got my last company to.

Now, I would have to put the aforementioned tackling in my top 3.

So what does London look like two years on?

Very normal. In the last year I have consistently said I will leave London because "it's not for me". It is a chaotic, crazy city. 

Then when I realised that - after another serious conversation with myself - I actually thrive on the chaos, London became: very normal.

Two years on I feel very in tune with life, with the city and how to navigate my way through it. I no longer fear it and embrace it.

After the first year in London, I believe everyone's journey is different. It is the point you either decide London is for you or not. 

By sticking by the city I got to discover who I can be when I am strong for myself. 

By sticking by the city I chose to upscale my life and myself. Choosing to be bigger than my present circumstances at the time.

I guess, after two years of London life, life becomes optional. You stay happy with where you are (which is also fine!) or choose something else for yourself and go to town on your goals.

But go all in! You cannot do things by halves. It's all in or nothing at all. On your goals, your life and yourself.

Is there anything you would add or wish you knew more about?

Han x

(2016) Photo by  Emilia Jane Designs

(2016) Photo by Emilia Jane Designs

(2017)   Photo by  Sarah Hellen  

(2017) Photo by Sarah Hellen 

(2018) Self-portrait.

(2018) Self-portrait.