2 reasons why giving back is important: today!

When you envision your success, do you ever factor in how you will help other people?

Do you picture your community, family or a cause that you will give to "when you have reached your goal?" 

Are you doing that now?

See, it is very easy to imagine our own success or how we will help others "when we have the money", but what about the journey inbetween? Did you know you actually feel more successful simply by factoring helping others now?

This doesn't have to be monetary either. 

I got the grades, the jobs and the money I have wanted, but nothing truly makes me feel successful like contributing something to others. Whether the passion of a product, money or, simply, my time.

I can be moving my projects along all I want, but nothing quite swells my heart than that of giving to others. Here are 2 reasons why I factor in giving back to my success plan:

1. Human beings are motivated by emotion. As much as people may tell you they are motivated by money or success, truthfully, it is the feeling that ultimately comes with it. The joy, the love, the recognition. 

It is the same for the recipient. Giving even just your time could help another person feel special, feel less alone and worthy of somebody's time.

Plus, let's be honest, we all want to feel a little better about ourselves for having given back as well.

2. It is humbling. As we transcend from the space we were in. Grow. Evolve and begin to think a little bigger, it can be easy to become a little disconnected from others. Normally it's not even noticeable to us. You channel your time to optimise as much in your life as possible. Filter it. Run it under a microscope. It's just you trying to create time to get the things that you want to do done. But it can be easy to forget those around us. Loved ones and friends may feel neglected - even if you haven't actually done or said anything directly to impact them.

Finding a way to give back ensures we not only factor in time out of our heads and thinking about others, but also keeps us humble. In our heads we may be becoming powerful leaders of empires, but have you ever experienced the humble feeling of giving your time to someone? A subtle reminder that the most important thing, yes, is once again: your time. Whether five minutes or five months.

Getting outside your head. Taking time to be in the moment of helping someone or something else (animals and plants are up there as well!). Being in a space of gratitude as you look around the big, wide, scary, beautiful world. It is a refreshing breather from the chaos of the BAU (business as usual) and goal setting.

It is becoming even easier for us to give nowadays as well. Not only can you sign up to give your time online, but you can also do it via apps. 

I was talking to Mumma T a couple of weekends ago about an app (no, I am not sponsored) called "Be My Eyes". All you have to do is sign up (for free) and stay logged in, anticipating a call. On the other end are people who are visually impaired. This app allows them to call and ask for well-sighted people to "check the expiry date" or "help them search for something in their kitchen." 

Two weeks in I haven't had a call - and neither has Mumma T - and you don't have to answer if you are actually busy, say in a meeting or driving, but it feels good that I could be helping someone else in their day to day activities. And it fits into my journey. I don't have to wait "until I have money or more time" to be able to start giving back.

Where could you start to give back today?

Han x