Is it possible to discover yourself online?

An argument that spans the last ten plus years.

One that seems controversial in considering yes to. One that seems false in being a solemn no.

Growing with social media and the internet. Developing a career, almost eerily naturally through it. It feels wrong in not taking a moment to appreciate that, social media did play a part, at least for me personally, in discovering what matters most. The motivations, the passions. The dislikes.

Sure, it is entirely plausible to believe that social media is addictive and can have an effect on our mental states. As can any obsession. Whether a drug, coffee or even chocolate. It can become intense and detrimental.

Here are three reasons why, yes, it is possible to discover yourself online:

  1. Hanging photos on a wall vs. a Facebook wall. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook anymore, but you understand the idea. Looking back through photos online is the same as looking through physical ones. Except online you can also look through videos, posts and statuses too. You can store a lot more memories and track your journey. Whenever you feel lost, the internet can become a tool to help you remember where you started and who you are. Case in point, my old YouTube videos helped me remember why I love working in Marketing and gave me the push to apply for my first full-time marketing role.

  2. Let go of thoughts. Similar to one but still deserving of its own point. I was once asked in an interview if my blog served more as a journal than of use to my audience. But can’t a blog be a bit of both? We see enough complaints on Twitter and Facebook - although I would advise considering a change in privacy settings for rants. Or maybe even a private blog for your eyes only if a private journal is the intention.
    Otherwise, this blog was essentially created on the basis of ‘letting go of thoughts’ in the hope that maybe others with similar thoughts might feel a little less alone and, maybe, inspired.
    In letting go of thoughts, it not only releases the internal worries, but also clears (I hope) to create space for new thoughts and action. Removing old thoughts and creating the person we want to be. There is nothing more satisfying than clearing negative thoughts and discovering the breakthrough on the other side.

  3. Enjoying the scenic route. Quite literally. With content. I would be in a very different physical and mental place if I had never stepped out of my comfort zone and begun creating content five years ago. I would probably still own a brick of a phone and still claim I was useless when it came to technology. Closing myself off.
    In getting curious about the online world, I was introduced to the online world. That is, discovering how to create a career based off a personal brand. Learning through people I would never have crossed paths with otherwise. Connecting with said people. Building a career literally based off of: discovering myself online. From the first lime green-fonted Brazil blog to, well, this! The me I said I wanted to be.

Honestly, I find it impossible to believe that we don’t discover ourselves online anymore, at any level. We browse the internet for research and shopping, open social media accounts and adapt our pastimes around it. And yes, create ourselves jobs.

I could probably give a whole lecture on this so I’ll stop here before this goes on too long.

What are your thoughts? Let me know!

Han x

Photo by    Christin Hume

Photo by Christin Hume