It is quiet above the parapet.

It's a short and sweet one from me this week - with some bigger things to come at the end of the week/next week, I promise! Like a mini interval of sorts. As a refresher, one of the missions of this blog was to inspire others to live their dreams - and documenting my own as an example. I've been doing some major work on that. Upping my game. Getting my plans in order. Having a spring clean. Learning to code. This week I'll be looking at my health - some self-care is definitely in order! Followed by one massive adventure at the end of it in Copenhagen.

Choosing to up your game is not always a walk in the park. It can be scary to feel like you're going against the gradient and what "you think you should be doing" like enjoying your lot now because it obbvy won't get any better from here. It takes a conscious amount of effort, grit and knowing you always have a choice. Luckily for me I also have an accountability partner again who calls me out on my BS.

It's quiet above the parapet - in sticking your neck above the parapet, you can leave yourself more vulnerable to attack. It can feel lonely. And a bit scary.

For me though in choosing to dream big, I find myself with a lot more headspace. In choosing to let the white noise of every day life be just that, my brain feels so much more free and available to put energy into what I want from life. (And also in being with the silence, I am connecting with a like-minded tribe).

There is but 24 hours in the day and seven days a week after all. And upping your game requires all of those spare hours you can get. It is a simple choice - and as always, I am so looking forward to sharing them with you as they unfold.

Which will you focus on today?

Han x