3 Busy Girl handbag must-haves 2018.

Picture this, running from London spot to London spot. Meetings, lunches, after-work drinks. Life stops for no one. You need to have your basics down. *I'm writing this during the one lunch time I have to myself this week while wolfing down an Itsu pot. I love this life! But it doesn't just, happen.

1. "Work" lipstick. This is the one lipstick you only ever wear at, you guessed it, work. It never leaves the pocket of your bag because topping up during the work week is necessary. Whether it's for an important cross-department meeting or a basic after-lunch top up. My go-to at the moment is "Mulberry" from the No7 Boots range.

2. Spare shoes. You were not meant to live your life literally on your toes. Always have a spare pair of flats/tennis shoes for when you aren't in the office. I know my knees are happier for it. Personally I'm in love with my black Nike Lifestyles at the moment.

3. Hand cream. I don't know about you, but I forsake gloves a lot during the week so that I can check my phone when out and about. Or think about the harsh soaps that usually haunt office bathrooms. Your hands have to put up with a lot in this cold. They need to be looked after! I am loving the Urban Veda Sandalwood at the moment.

Bonus: a decent-sized tote bag for your daily stuff. The lunch box, the tube book, the make up, the shoes, the cute top for Thursday Drinks. You have a lot to carry in a day but that doesn't mean you have to look like a cart horse carrying it. Invest in a decent sized tote bag or satchel so you can feel great carrying your load. If you want to go a step further, think consciously and go for a leather alternative. I am in love with my new vegan leather red tote from Matt & Natt.

And there you have it, simple steps that keep you looking and feeling profesh while juggling your busy life.

Is there anything you would add?

Han x