4 things to do at Christmas in London (Blogmas Day 1)

Christmas in London, even Christmas season in London, is unlike any other. Biting winds trapped in central streets, grand sparkling lights to rival most capital cities and the grandeur of city and residents cranks up tenfold. The city is suddenly even more alive with merry makers and festive spirits. And while this may sound similar to your own home town, there is an extra certain aliveness to the English capital that is unrivalled elsewhere.

As sharp as the cold can get, I absolutely love December in London. While everyone might complain about the temperatures and the tube queues, there is nothing more magical than wrapping up with a coffee or mulled wine clutched in both gloved hands and wondering through your favourite London park or streets.

As my second Christmas season in London kicks off, here are three city things I recommend doing this winter:

1. Grab a hot drink and take a gander. London is a sight to behold and should not be discarded too easily. Take the time wander the Knightsbridge streets towards Harrod's and Hyde Park. Along Clapham High Street to the Common. My personal favourite is round Old Street towards Shoreditch High Street.

2. Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park. Ok, hear me out on this one. Yes it was an absolute nightmare to get in this year. But I've somehow made a tradition of it, and nothing says London Christmas like an overcrowded market with creepy, dated figures.

It's worth visiting once - and getting your skates on - just for the experience of having been.

3. Which leads nicely into: skating! Grab a mate and throw your boots on. You haven't experienced the city unless you've been skating outdoors with a Christmas tree in the middle.

My recommendation is the Natural History Museum. It's so relaxing and has real ice.

4. Visit a fashion event. I say that loosely because there are many available in London. But my favourite so far has been viewing the SS18 Hugo Boss Collection with a glass of champagne in hand.

It's fun to feel elegant, particularly around Christmas. So search Eventbrite for the next upcoming evening and per chance you may find a steal!

There are, of course, many other things. But these are the key places to begin.

I usually get my ideas from Eventbrite, Instagram and Time Out.

Are there any others you would add?

Han x