Ibiza Part One: Taking a break.


The baby was crying and kicking my seat. People were beginning to look around, I took a deep breathe and all of sudden a guy behind me said "it gets worse as you get older". I began to laugh. There in Easy Jet economy. Where an hour before I could feel my brain beginning to finally unwind from a very long summer. My eyes were droopy.

It had felt like one long day of continuous activity. Finish a graph. Meet a school friend for brunch. Finish packing. Clean my area of the shared house. Sweat out walking to Vauxhall with my suitcase because the Northern Line was closed. Just make my coach. Hand in another report. One final call with my coach. Paid my rent. Grab necessities from duty free. Get on the flight.

Flight was late.

This was just what I expected of my holiday. It reminded me of my flights I took in, out and around Brazil. They have a specific term that we don't have an equivalent for in English. It's like a mix of slow-moving and calm called "de vaga" (jee-vah-gah). The Brazilian lifestyle is de vaga and no matter how much you want something to go quicker, it simply will not.

This moment was de vaga. And I knew from experience that all I could do at that point was give into it. So I took a deep inhale, and an exhale and I found myself involuntarily smiling.

I feel one of those workaholic women who had to force herself to go on a holiday. Everyone told me they were glad I took the time out. I smile involuntarily again.

I buy an OJ with the last spare sterling change, force myself to pick my trashy holiday read of choice - a copy of Eat Pray Love that I nabbed from a book swap shelf in WeWork Moorgate - and I turn my focus to the world of Elizabeth Gilbert.

"Is this lifetime only supposed to be about duty?"

Forcing myself to switch off I entrenched myself in Gilbert's musings of God and pasta and praying. Reminding myself every so often to switch off and get connected again.

She hit some good points.

As soon as I told myself it was ok not to think about work. My brain was confused. Well what do I do then? Of course there are plenty of answers for that one. Like finish creative projects etc. But that freaked me out a little.

I found myself with some spare time to really get back in touch with myself. I nearly cried just reading and hearing Spanish again. I let myself lie in until (7:30am UK time) and then got walking through Ibiza Town. No way was I wasting this precious time.

For those of you who don't know, I lived in Spain for a few years as a kid. So going anywhere Spanish-speaking is always like coming home for me. I found a supermarket with snacks I used to get as a kid and the Ibiza local attitude was so familiar - even though it's my first time here.

I didn't realise just how wound up in work I had gotten. Even though I take care of myself waaaay better than I used to. The amount of times I caught myself sighing when falling asleep last night was sign enough. I had to keep up the yogic breathing until I dozed off.

I don't take time out often, I mean I'm sat with my laptop currently... But, dear reader, when you've got some spare time and you know you deserve a break: take it!

I won't lie to you, I do live to work at times because I love learning and the experience. But that doesn't mean we don't all need the work to live bit too. Take a deep breathe, and relax.

Vamos Ibiza!

Have a great Monday!

Han x

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