Being my own superhero. #ILiveItIBlogIt

"I'm coming up to the end of my first year in London and I've achieved what I set out to do: living in London and committing to blogging. Now what!?"

You can say this in two ways.

First time I said it frustratedly. Yup. Angry and frustrated is how I said this in my head first. And then I said it to myself with realisation dawning over me. I declared a dream and I made it happen!

As human beings, we sadly are never quite content with the end result of what we declare. Or at least not after five minutes. There will always be that "but it doesn't look like I thought it would/what next?" conversation. It is almost inherent.

Now I've mentioned in previous blogs that there weren't many role models I looked up to as a kid - namely Mulan and Hermione Granger. And while I will be sharing my year two goal/s of Han Meets World, I would like you to join me for a moment of listing the ways you were your own superhero.

  1. I took a chance on something and created a legacy. I didn't realise was already an up and coming industry. I had already posted about five-six videos in summer 2013 before noticing Jim Chapman, Zoella230490 and Fun For Louis in my suggested list. I came from a background - and at the time, department - where there were not huge techys. So making videos became "just another weird thing Talb did". To be fair, I had religiously watched Jenna Marbles for about half a year and so I knew people made weird videos on the internet. And I took a little inspiration from her.Little did I know that I would then be paid to make these videos and blogs - which in 2013 seemed to be unheard of. And then go on to the jobs I did...But in that moment I created being the first person from my uni to create videos about a year abroad in Brazil.My first Jenna Marbles-inspired Year Abroad skit.
  2. I was honest on the Internet. I decided from the beginning that I would never hide anything from anyone and so I spoke about the highs and the lows of my year abroad. It began with homesickness and continued with encounters with men abroad - some funny moments and others not so funny.Dealing with homesickness on your Year Abroad.
  3. I persevered when I had opposition - and created another legacy. The campaign for my first job out of uni as Vice-President Engagement was not an easy one. It was the first time I went crazy with social media. I took photos wearing clothes in the pool, collaborated with strangers and in the end: got the job! As the underdog of the campaigning scene.Then I filmed snippets of the job for the year, despite some irritations from fellows, everyone was happy when they saw the final result. People had forgotten things and it was great in that moment to feel proud that I had not listened and kept going with my gut instinct.A friend had actually left a photo of himself with my campaign board on Bumble. So the legacy #vphannahtime really is living on!
  4. When I went and got inspired. Last year I went to the Good Roots Festival so I could watch a panel of YouTubers and influencers talk about one of my favourite online platforms and how they made it. Little did I know I would meet and watch some of the biggest names in health (i.e. Deliciously Ella and one of the Hemsley twins) and blogging. It reminded me why I love digital nomadism.I stayed true to my passion and ran with it.
  5. I got fired and kept going anyway because I believed in something. And while this video is from the end of last year, it brings me round to my point.Despite the rubbish I have put myself through this year, I am my own superhero because of how I dealt with it and came out of it. I fell down, I got myself back up again multiple times throughout the last year. And that is "now what" will take me into my next year.

What I have really taken from going back on these vids is, for one thing I am so happy I began when I did, and two I get to see I was my own superhero all along. I still believe in adventure and the unknown. We are still the same people trying to get to another destination. But inherently our motives are still the same. Sometimes we forget to listen.

If I could go back and say one thing to Han in 2013, it would be to trust in her vision. She is a superhero and will bounce back each time. Whether that's year abroad blues, first job panic attacks or sustaining a life in London. She finds a way.

My name is Hannah Talbot, I am an adventurer and superhero. So #ILiveItIBlogIt

Now it's your turn.

How are you your own superhero?

Han x