What do you mean I am "inspiring"?

When I set out the purpose of this blog, it was to inspire people. Inspire people to live their dreams and I did everything in my power to make that happen without thinking. I had a purpose, and I went for it.

When you commit to something of purpose, it manifests around you. I couldn't believe it at first.  It began as messages and comments from people online. Then, when my business cards flew out the holder at an influencer event last week. And then at the weekend when I was invited as a panelist on a teen social enterprise project.

If I am being honest, I don't feel the glow or satisfaction right now. If I am being completely honest, it almost feels like it happened to another person. In NO way am I saying I wish it never happened, or that I don't want the opportunities. However I think it's important to share that I don't entirely believe I can be inspiring. I mean, I'm me! How can I make a difference?! I'm no Mother Theresa or Michelle Obama.

But then I got that it's not about the how's and it is about the being's. How I am being when I come back from the lows. How I am being when I am taking action towards what I said I will do. Not the planning and the scheduling or any kind of waiting to be ready. The humanness in wiping the tears and getting up. The small acts that make up the big ones.

Here are my small acts to make up your big ones:

  1. Play dress up. When I don't think I am enough for something, I put on red lipstick and heels. But it's like when you were a kid and you put your princess/dragon/Spiderman outfit on. You became the superhero in your being.
  2. Communicate. One thing I have struggled with is remembering that I am actually allowed to ask for help, reach out and cry-laugh. Whatever that is! Reach out to your community, your tribe, your family. They'll love you even more for it. I literally picked up the phone to my friend and burst into tears the other day at the word "hello". Don't hold it in!
  3. Be kind! Be kind! Be kind to yourself! One thing I do when I feel low, or I've been crying a lot is to switch off my phones (yep, I have two now), and I cook, read or get super into a skincare routine. I LOVE all three because they're the small moments in the day I get to be with myself. Remember the most important relationship is with yourself - because you are the one person you have to be with for the rest of your life. Exercise is a great one for this too! Not necessarily the gym, but getting on a bike or going dancing. Something that gets your blood pumping.

No questions, just go be a dragon this week!

Han x

*NCS panel last week.