One year ago.

I have been doing a little refurb on my site in celebration of one year of Han Meets World and thought I would 'memorialise' my About page in a post - as this will now be on the Home page. Han a year ago got me to Han today, so it felt kind of wrong simply deleting where Han a year ago got her inspiration from. It is all relevant. So here it is.


About Han Meets World page (2016)

Isn't it interesting where we take our inspiration from as humans?

I love books. But I never expected to find so much of myself in Gloria Steinem's "My Life On The Road". Political rallies and encounters with biker gangs aside, she deals with her experience growing up on the road. Never feeling like she belonged somewhere and always craving a grounded home - until she realised home was what she made it and travel suddenly became not only more enjoyable but also her choice rather than her fate.

This is exactly how I have turned my life around. Once I accepted that home for me was wherever my duvet, mostly my laptop are, I began to really get me and travel became my choice. It was a simple switch of words that meant my desired life was not a road I accepted but one I've become empowered to skip.

I've had a couple of blogs for different projects and reasons in the past. But this one is the documentation of a twenty-something millennial navigating the new age of entrepreneurialism and business with some added adventures in between. Whether a shoe party, a long weekend abroad or a conference. Adventure comes in many forms.

This journey is not just for me. Feel free to join me at any point on any channel!

Honey, let's be adventurers! See you very soon!

Han x