Why entrepreneurialism?

So I asked a friend what she would like to see from this blog and I had that kind of ‘duh, why haven’t I thought of that yet’ moment. She said that from a blog that was all about breaking into entrepreneurialism and being an example of someone living their best life, she would like to see a post on my ‘why’.

  • Why entrepreneurialism for me?
  • What keeps me motivated?


I choose entrepreneurialism for my love of dabbling. For the flexibility, the thrill of the uncertain – despite how uncomfortable I feel by being uncertain right now. The adventure. The freedom.

It is a hard slog and despite being someone who loves instant gratification and getting places quick, entrepreneurialism is a new challenge that I am taking on. Once you’re there you pat yourself on the back and find the next thing right. Well entrepreneurialism keeps my passion alive for creativity, community and adventure.

I choose financial freedom as an end goal. My stand is to be an inspiration for others living their best lives. And it’s tough. But I choose to be tenacious for my community.

I stay motivated by the people I get to inspire. I stay motivated by remembering that entrepreneurs live a couple of years how most wouldn’t for the decades that others wished they could. *By the way, the way I look at that last statement is that I am pushing for something outside of most people’s comfort zones, not that I want to point fingers…!

I stay motivated by who I am and reminding myself who I authentically am. I am playing a big game, and it’s not easy. But that’s the fun part. It’s not meant to be smooth-sailing all the time.

I stay motivated by that I care that people are lifted up. Are supported. Are loved.

Every minute counts.

I choose entrepreneurialism for the freedom to help and support others. The support I got and I want to share.

I stay motivated by the dreams that could be made and the action that might be created one day.

Working all over the world. Making connections wherever I go. Creating action whenever I choose.

I am an entrepreneur. It is in my soul. That is also why I stay motivated.

What is your ‘why’?

Han x