What kind of leader are you?

With the success of the first #InspiredBy event on Sunday and a lot of exciting collaborations and feedback recently, it got me to thinking. What does it take in a person to be a successful leader? It's something I will personally be looking into for myself during my next self-development course for sure. But right now I invite you to have a think about what kind of leader you are.

Well, the first question foremost important question is: do you think you are a leader?

If you have a strong message/s you want to shout about, an attitude for action and passion for community. Then I'd say yes!

Taking action:

That is, the crucial difference in distinguishing a leader in any shape or form. I consider myself a leader because I take action, I am responsible - not to be confused with martyr - and I have plenty of mad ideas. I dragged my sister up to take some pics of me early on a Sunday morning because I had a mad idea... Turned out to be one of my best.

Just because I have ideas doesn't mean I'm fantastic at being realistic per say, but that's why you have your community. For the "woods" shoot I wanted to take my shoes off and go barefoot. But my sister told me off and said I would get cold - which I then did about five minutes later without my jacket... In one of my old jobs I worked with a woman who was great at listening to my mad ideas and then getting me to sit and actually work out the details/logistics. Take action, but learn to manage the creativity. I bounce ideas around with different people from work colleagues and friends to my mum.

Action, believe it or not, makes stuff happen. Produces results. This can be as small or as big as you wish.


Now I'm not talking stroppy, flouncy and demanding. I'm talking about your approach. I'm known for my hair flicks in most of my circles. That's friends, work, family and even at coaching sessions.

How do you carry yourself?  How do you manage feedback? How do you manage your goals and your schedule?

Sassy, creative, bold and there for people, are just some of the reasons people keep me around. They read my work. They call me up. They socialise with me. I'm consistent in things. Who are you?

Attitude relates to your content as well. Would your content stand out without some attitude?!


Now I'm not talking spam comments and the occasional drop of likes. Do you have a supportive community to fall back on. Those who will both hug you and give you a *metaphorical* slap when you need it?

Through everything I've done that's ever put me out there, I've always kept a circle of support. My 'Hannah Time' campaign it was my housemates and close friends, blogging it's my coaching buds, close friends and accountability partner. Then I always go to my mum when I need snapping out of something, a metaphorical slap.

I wouldn't be me without the support of my community and without a genuine interest in building one.

*Thanks for the help girlies!

They're the ones who catch you and build you. Love them. And that goes for your approach with them: do you love and nurture others? That is the real sign of a true leader. None of this, tearing others down to get where you want. Putting people in place, yuck!

A leader builds and lifts everyone up together, and relies on their community to do the same.

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What would you add to the list? What kind of leader are you?

Han x