My SS17 on-the-go products to look out for.

FullSizeRender-33.jpg I never was one for make-up but since moving to London and having so many gorgeous and diverse brands available, it's definitely something I'm getting into. Particularly when it comes to business meetings, networking and events. It just adds something for me.

However, being someone who is currently living out of a suitcase and is on the go quite a bit at the moment, I need products that aren't going to take up a lot of weight and space, are quick to apply and look fabulous.

These are what I came up with Luxe Nomad:

  • Chanel compact mirror: I used to have a much cheaper one from Boots, but I could never clean it and it looked dull. I have been meaning to invest in this little product for a while and I absolutely adore this little scoop. It is much slimmer than I was expecting and comes with a little velvet pouch so it doesn't get scratched or marked. I feel a little more fabulous and confident when I look into it.
  • Urban Decay Mattifying Powder: I don't know about you but I find at the end of the day that the concealer has slipped into the lines under my eyes and sits there looking a bit weird. Not such a great look when you've been meeting people all day. I asked someone at the counter about it though and she handed me this! And while I'm not a massive fan of powder, it has definitely been a saving grace as it fixes the liquid on your eyes better and has a mirror inside so you can touch it up around the clock.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Pencil "Champagne Diamonds": I would never ever ever have thought to buy this if I hadn't got chatting to one of the girls who worked in the shop. I've talked about it in a vlog, I L O V E this product! It's super easy to apply, sets in 30 seconds and gives an edge to my look for the day. I am typically a strict matte girl so this is quite a breakthrough for me, haha!

Think I have missed anything? Which are your favourite on the go products to look out for this season?

Han x