What's in my handbag? Luxe Nomad Editon.

2017: the year when people are working more from their phone than from an office. 

To keep up, here are some items I keep handy on the go. 

  • (From left to right): phone case from Coconut Lane. It gives my lil phone a sassy boost and I feel more professional using it. It's colourful, it's fun to look at and it gives a classy look.
  • Pony Pen (present from a friend). Ok, so maybe I look a bit weird whipping this out to write and sure it gets a couple of looks, but who cares!? It was given to me to bring me some happiness and you know what? It has! There's nothing more creative than a pink pony on a glittery pen to get the juices flowing.
  • 'Create' notebook by Katie Leamon. Inspiration notebooks are like diaries and journals: they're personal. You have to feel inspired to write in them. Well, that's exactly how I felt when I spotted this cute find at Stylist Live 2016 and I haven't looked at another since. Fidelity and creativity! Wiiiink. 😜
  • 'Let's do lunch' business card holder by Kate Spade. D'you know what? I would say that a business card holder is also kinda personal, so you want to get this right for you. It has to make you feel professional when you take it out your bag but also look professional in the eyes of the person you then give your card to. Be mindful of this. 
  • Trespass gloves. I call them my 'Digital Nomad' gloves for the white tips on the thumbs and forefingers, which allow me to use my phone while keeping my hands warm (although I've put them aside while writing this up the Sky Gardens - I'll probably not thank myself later...) I bought these as an impulse Sales buy last year and they've been super useful - when I remember to use them. I highly recommend these for anyone who uses their phone a lot on the go.

So there you have it! My top Luxe Nomad items for any digital influencer or freelancer who works on the go. They're a bit more of an investment, but it's totally worth it in the long run! 

The key question is: are you inspired by these items?

Happy New Year and Happy Tuesday!

Han x