The Snapchat filters right now make for a good pick me up, amirite!?

I got the new iPhone 7 a couple of weeks ago and lemme tell you: the photos are crystal clear and stunning! It has made everything I love about social media FUN again! Including: the filters.

I had let myself burn out a bit and it made for a bit of mopping.

That was until BAM I got on the mucking about with the Snapchat filter game, and let me tell you: it made for an ego boost and a half.

Yep, I gave into the popular hype and played...

From the headwear vanity to the meme-esque weirdness:

It was SO perfect for a quick pick me up!

I feel like a very stereotypical blogger giving into them but how can you not when you look (mostly) flawless!?

Which one is your current favourite? If you couldĀ personalise a filter what would it be?

Han x