24 things that happened 24 hours after I turned 24.

  1. I had breakfast at Pret A Manger.
  2. I went to work.
  3. My desk buddy made me tea.
  4. And bought me a birthday muffin!
  5. There was a sample sale on Level 2.
  6. I bought a white Jon Adams shirt for a fiver.
  7. I planned my outfit to wear with it.
  8. I had lentil dhal soup for lunch - it was yummy so I forgive you Sainsbury's for the unnecessary change to the packaging.
  9. Some lovely girls at work surprised me with birthday cake and tea! (That was also yummy!)
  10. We made plans to go to Winter Wonderland.
  11. I listened to a lot of Drake and the Biebs.
  12. My contract was cut - I had one day left with the company.
  13. I cried a tiny bit from shock.
  14. I thought "this is good blogging content".
  15. I finished my emails for the day.
  16. I received a birthday card from my gorgeous mum.
  17. I had pizza for dinner.
  18. I watched an episode of Made In Chelsea - JP get over yourself! 
  19. My housemate bought prosecco and a present - thanks gorgeous!
  20. I had a weekly coaching call with my Landmark coach.
  21. My flatmate and I drank all the prosecco.
  22. We danced to a lot of music - you maaaaay have caught it on my Snapchat/Insta story.
  23. I went to sleep.





24. Life went on.





It's the small steps that make up the large ones. So I am grateful for this one step that I will look back on as a step for the bigger one that is to come. The little gift.

This is not it. I am safe and I trust in the adventure of life.

Happy 24th Birthday to me!

Han x