Take a look in my office.

Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur or blogger? Think you need money to hire out space first?

Well, let me show you what working on the go is really like!


I began my second Instagram account @lookinmyoffice when I realised that being an entrepreneur, an independent worker, a digital nomad, did not require official office space.

I want to share this with others who might be worried that the only way of moving forward with your own business means acquiring office space first.

Or maybe you're worried about where you should start?

The answer is: start now! And right where you are!

....and then send in your photos to hanmeetsworld@gmail.com or tag the account for a regram!

It's gone from a couple of 'artsy' Instagram photos to showcasing some of my favourite finds. And I want to involve you in the journey!

Let's inspire and encourage each other!

Instead of signing off with a question, I'm going to sign off with a request: that you take a picture of where you are working, either with your laptop/computer or other working instruments, and caption it. And then send it to: hanmeetsworld@gmail.com or tag with your caption and account name!

Have a wonderful week!

Han x