Harley Quinn: finding inspiration in the darkest of places.

When I say dark, I don’t mean where there is no light. My eyes shut. The curtains closed. No, I’m talking about finding inspiration in dark characters. Namely in this time and present: cartoons.

If you’re not thinking what a wacko or are you ok Han, then I might just question your sanity.

Let me explain. It’s not in the way you think.

In the last month or so I’ve really been looking at what and who inspires me. In order to be a leader we must take in learning from those who inspire and motivate us.

Who do I want to be? Who does that already?

In order to build up a brand, I need to build up myself.

Lately, I’ve really been drawn back to watching trailers and clips from the new film Suicide Squad. Because I really enjoy watching Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

I thought about why, and the other day it hit me – like I'd imagine her baseball bat would.

To me, Harley Quinn is a free spirit who speaks her mind and has her own individual style (clothes and attitude). She stands in her own as a person/villain, but she is loyal to her team and partner: Mr J. She’s a flexible (quite literally) character.

What is interesting is that I’ve been told several times in the last month that I am a dark horse. I am not typical.

And this is where I take the inspiration in Harley Quinn (or at least the one in the upcoming film). You cannot box her. Blunt, stylish, hilarious, vulnerable, badass, sociopath. Loves puddin'.


While sociopath is certainly not what I am aiming for, I love that there is a female lead who holds her own. She is of course not perfect, yet it is refreshing to see a female character who can beat up aliens with the big boys but show an interest in her appearance and say things like “look at the pretty lights!”

"Speaking to the New York Times, Margot explained that her character wore 'hot pants because they’re sparkly and fun' not because 'she wanted guys to look at her ass'." (Source: http://dailym.ai/2au09Lx).

She is not predictable. She is her own.

Funny, light-hearted and doesn’t take life too seriously. It’s her playground.

I take courage from her that it is ok to leave people guessing. That no one will ever quite be able to predict what I will do or say. I will play my cards in whichever order I wish and it makes me happy that it will keep you on your toes. It keeps life interesting.

I look for the voices and figures that make real life their playground and not worlds in their imagination. By absolutely no means am I putting down this way of being!!!

But doesn’t it make life SO much more fun when you can actually physically experience it!?

Play out your dream world in this world, friend! Take action, make it happen. Laugh like a loony when it begins to happen. You won’t look at novels and comics the same.

Who’s your favourite cartoon? Are you DC or Marvel?

Han x

*Halloween 2015.