It's a double denim kinda day.

Fifteen something years ago double denim was red carpet worthy, nowadays it's a #throwback old skool trend that has half been and gone but still makes an appearance every now and again. It's one of those trends that seems so wrong on the hanger but surprises you when you put it on. This week I had a double denim day at work...


...which I sort of fell into. In the "put on the first thing you see in the morning" kind of way.

  • Shirt - vintage stall a couple of years ago.
  • Vest - America Today.
  • Jeans & Belt - New Look.
  • Shoes - Primark.
  • Make Up - Urban Decay (BB Cream, Mascara and "Liar" lipstick) with the exception of Matte Mocha eyeshadow on my 'brows.
  • Nail polish - Rimmel "Chin Up Buttercup" & Body Shop "Colour Crush" base coat.


How would you wear double denim?

Han x