Han Meets World
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Han is a London-based MarComms Strategist and blogger who created a career from documenting her life.

Following an interest for writing and photography and then sharing those snapshots on social media, she began to create a portfolio from a passion for documenting life.

In 2013, she created her first blog: Brazil and the Nut. Documenting life as a third year uni student living in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina.

2014: TalbStar became more than her original social media handle and turned into a blog - an added bonus on this site.

2015: Hannah Time was created.

2016: Han Meets World began. After reading a lot of accounts from people who have "made it", HMW was born in order to fill the gap between 'starting' and being on the journey of 'making it'. 

To inspire others to live their dream while her dream.


Header image by Andrew Neel.


Lead to inspire.


Inspire to lead.